Welcome to Class 4's Brave New World!

In lieu of a traditional test, Class 4 was instructed to choose a project to reflect their understanding/interpretation of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. Class 4 consists of 5 students. Each student chose a different representation. We had a computer generated map/guide for The Savage Reservation, a Claymation project, a story, a movie trailer and a comic.

Some of the ideas that were discussed while reading the novel were as follows:

The author's choice to make what is unacceptable in today's society acceptable and even highly valued in the novel (sexual promescuity, classism, etc.)

What steps should a government take to keep order among its people? Where does one draw the line between protection and personal freedom?

Why is it important to conform? Why is it important to be different?

Brandon H. made a comic strip movie of the ritual taking place on the Savage Reservation and the reaction of the World State citizens after seeing it: