Welcome to Class 2 English.

After reading Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck the students decided to re-write the ending and film their version. The students decided on an alternate ending and wrote a script as a class. They rehearsed and filmed at the school.

Below is a copy of the "screenplay":

Setting: In the woods where Lennie is hiding after he kills the girl.

Narrator: George finds Lennie in the woods. The others are looking for him.

Lennie: "George, she asked me to touch her hair. What are we gonna do George?"

George: "We’re gonna run Lennie, We’re gonna leave here and we ain’t never comin back."

Lennie: "Where are we gonna go George?"

George: "Lennie, you stay right here in the bushes by the river till I come for you."

Lennie: "Where you gonna go George?"

George: "Back to the farm and to get Candy. I’ll only be a few minutes. Don’t you move unless I tell you to."

Narrator: George Runs off. Lennie curls up into a ball and hides. He tries to keep quiet. 10 minutes passes.

Lennie hears a sound moving through the water. Lennie keeps quiet as Curley walks past him. Curley stops a couple of times because Lennie whimers and makes small noises. Curley walks by. George returns with Candy. Lennie jumps out of the bushes:

Lennie stammers: “George, George…..I saw Curley! He almost saw me. I didn’t make any noise George just like you told me. I promise. What are we gonna do now George?"

George: "We’re gonna run now Lennie. Run as fast as you can and don’t look back. If we get separated keep running west. That way Lennie" (George points west). "We will meet up at the town sign."

The three men run into the woods. The mob is right on their heels.

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