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Twelve Angry Men Rap Lyrics

Twelve angry men hanging out on a jury
they wanted to proclaim the verdict in a hurry
but juror number 8 had other plans
so he picked up the knife with his to bare hands
he said we're gonna be here for a while
so lets throw a party, go out in style
we can chill out, drink coke, and watch 8 mile
nah just kidding let just discuss the trial
jurors number one, two, three, four, five
the boys not guilty so give me a try
let's go raise hands said the foreman
his role was serious and pretty borin
mickey mouse was the voice of juror number 2
fun fact he was piglet from winnie the pooh
juror number 3 was a hater, hated by the mases
juror number 4 was a broker with glasses
juror number 5 was as pretty fly dude
he saw knife fights from the age of world war 2
juror number 6 said imma lay you out bro
chasing number 3, but he reacted too slow
juror number 7 was the baseball guy
going out on the field catching balls on the fly
juror number 8 was Henry Fonda
he streamlined like a caddie, not a honda
juror number 9 was an older man
screaming not guilty with a raise of his hand
juror number 10 was not so nice
he was the wasabi on the jury's sushi and rice
juror number 11 was from god knows where
wearing suspenders with some cool facial hair
juror number 12 talked about ads
did i mention number 3 was not a great dad?
just 12 angry men never met before
i'd like to think that they were friends forever more
fightin from the minute they shut the door
yea thats 12 angry men the synopsis
uh huh thats what's up, Luke can you top this?

it was unbeknownst to juror #8
why juror #3 had so much hate
he wished to bring justice to a boy he didn’t know
thus the jury turned into a carnival show
#8 brought a sense of fervor to the jury
deliberating anecdotes with zeal and secret fury
juror 11 was an immigrant man
who stood up for the underdog with delicate hands
and juror #9 saw the dents on his nose
from the glasses that the testimony chick didn’t show
the defendant was a hoodlum who lived upstairs
and the tenement was met by a bespectacled stare
juror #5 could relate to the kid
a native of the city on a road called skid
juror #7 had a ballgame to go to
and joe dimaggio had a baseman to throw to
juror 3 judging people in the room like he knows you
telling you about his son to whom he threw some blows to
juror #10 wore a hat and a sports coat
arguing the kid shouted out through a deep throat
“i’m gonna kill you, dad!” that slum-dog screamed
and went and stabbed his father while an old man beamed
#2’s voice made a high pitched sound
cause he did a voiceover for the fox and the hound
#3 hoped to be the angel of death
for a poor, misguided child with guilt on his breath
but the jury got together and with marksman precision
beat the statistics and made the right decision

A-yo guys i’m juror number three
an now the whole crews going against me
K y'all peoples wrong
man why cant ya see
this little hoodlums guilty
an it aint just me
why don't you ask numbers six seven ten
a-yo tell it to em boys and maybe just than
we can stop wasting time and get back to the pig pen
juror number three called me the angel of death
although to me the boy seemed to stab his father in the chest
whoa whoa juror number six yo you need-a relax
apparently you and I are the only ones who who need to be lax
juror numbers eights been convincing all the others
gee oh wow I thought for a sec wed all leave here as brothers
Oh well I thought
I guess this is how it aught to be
I think I might just change my vote to “not guilty”
Geez! My God! I just wanna go home
I never thought id say it but I cant go on,
Any more that is
Anyways I think you guys have broken me
With all your little sob stories of how it aught to be
You wanna hear me say?
Well here it goes...
He’s “ Not Guilty”
Now please just leave me alone